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Geographical Service Area/Eligibility for Borrowing

  1. The library serves the citizens who reside in the boundaries of Concordia Parish.  Any person permanently residing in the parish will be authorized to use the library by way of a library card.  There will be no charge for the first card, which shall be issued upon application and provision of proof of residence (i.e. utility/cable/telephone bill, voter registration, or bank statement) AND Driver’s License or Photo I.D.  Card will be available for pick up by patron after five (5) days.
  2. Persons who do not reside in the parish but who work in the parish, attend school in the parish, or own property and pay property taxes to the parish shall be eligible to use the library.  Proof of payment of property tax maybe requested.  This card shall be at no charge.
  3. If a patron loses a card, he/she may obtain a replacement card for the fee of $3.00.  There will be a limit of three (3) cards per year, after the third card, the fee goes up to $15.00.
  4. Library cards may be purchased for $15.00 per year for individuals who live out of state.
  5. Library cards may be issued to residents of Tensas and Catahoula, neighboring parishes, due to Trail Blazer and other cooperatives.
  6. The library/library staff  do not and cannot act for the parent in the selection of materials.  It is up to the parent to set the guidelines and instruct the child in the limits of what is acceptable to read and study for that particular individual. With guidance from a parent, a child at any age, may receive his/her own library card if he/she can write his/her name, address, etc. to fill out the library card application.  The library recommends the age of 7 for children to get their library cards.  If an under-aged child, younger than 17, chooses materials without a parent, the library is not responsible.

Identification Needed When Applying For a Library Card

  1. Patron must present a copy of Driver’s License/ID and Proof of Residence (i.e. utility/cable/telephone bill, voter registration, or bank statement) in order to establish residence in Concordia Parish, and to have on file the correct mailing address and residence address.
  2. Adult cards will be issued to patrons 17 years and older.  Juvenile cards will be issued to patrons under 16 years of age whose parents will sign for the card and be responsible for materials checked out.
  3. The staff will not accept registration forms that are not complete with all verification.
  4. If registration is completed and a card is made and placed in the system, but never picked up, staff members will continue to try to contact the recipient (by phone). If after a 30 day period the card is still never received by the applicant, the card will be removed from the system and application discarded.

Want to apply for a Concordia Parish Library card? Download and print an application here.

Responsibility For Library Card Use / Use of the Card By Other Than Owner

  1. A patron is responsible for all material checked out from the library using a card issued in his/her name (whether by self, friend, family member or stranger).
  2. Lost library cards must be reported immediately for card cancellation and to prevent charges against that card by other than the assigned cardholder.
  3. A patron will not be responsible for material checked out on a card that has been reported missing if the report is recorded before the date the material was checked out.
  4. Each time a card is lost or replaced, the previously held card becomes invalid for further use and must be destroyed if found.  To continue library service, a new card will have to be purchased for $3.00. There is a limit three (3) cards per year at $3.00 each, each additional card after the first three cards increases to $15.00 each.