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Circulation Period

  1. Circulation period is the length of time that a book is on loan to a patron, i.e., the period of time from the day the book is checked out to the day it is due back at the library.
  2. Books and audio material (books-on-CD) shall circulate for a period of fourteen (14) days.  DVDs, Videos, Music CDs and Study Guides shall circulate for a period of five (5) days. Magazines shall circulate for a period of five (5) days.
  3. Reference material does not circulate outside of the library building except for special needs for over night.
  4. The patron may renew any item that has gone out of the library for circulation, unless there are requests for that item.  If there are requests, the item will not be renewed.  If the material has been borrowed (ILL), the staff will check with the lending library to see if the item can be renewed.

Circulation Limits

  1. There shall be a ten (10) item limit placed on the number of books, magazines, and other materials including a limit of five (5) DVDs/videos and a limit of five (5) books-on-CD/Tape that an individual patron may check out at any one time on his/her card as long as that card is in good standing.  There is an overall fifteen (15) item limit that can be checked out to adult patrons and ten (10) item limit to juveniles. EXCEPTION:  Bookmobile has a limit of 25 items to all patrons due to the classroom collection delivered to all teachers.
  2. A patron who has overdue material and/or fines charged to his/her library card should be informed and then allowed to check out limited materials (2).
  3. A patron who accrues $5.00 or more in fines and/or has 5 overdue items will not be allowed to check out anymore material until a partial or full payment is made and/or items are returned.
  4. A patron who has overdues, fines and/or photocopy fees charged to his/her account may be denied computer services. Full payment is required to have computer services. Patrons will not be denied electronic resources for reference service.  Staff will assist.

Interlibrary Loan

    1. Interlibrary loan services shall be offered to the patrons of the library as part of the regular services of the library.  The library will use this service to supplement its own resources and extend the materials available to its users.
    2. The Library will participate, to the best of its ability and the availability of funding, in cooperative interlibrary loan efforts that are developed in Louisiana to benefit the patrons and citizens of Concordia Parish.
    3. No charges shall be required for the provision of interlibrary loan services except the following:

a. All photocopies received as a result of a request shall be charged to the patron at the price charged by the lending library or agency.

b. Genealogical material in print and microfilm formats shall be charged to the patron at the price charged by the loaning library or agency.

c. Any material lost or destroyed by the patron shall be charged to the patron at the price charged by the loaning library or agency.

4.  The Library will make available all materials for interlibrary loan except: rare books and archival materials.
5.  The Library will not make interlibrary loan services available to out of state patrons who purchase a card, residents from Catahoula or Tensas, and/or who may hold a Trail Blazer card.  (Use Good Judgment)