Donations, Gifts, and Endowments

  1. The Administrative Librarian is authorized to accept gifts, donations, and endowments to the library.
  2. No determination of the value of any item donated will be made by any staff member.  The donor cannot be furnished with value or price information or estimates.
  3. Once a book, magazine, cash, set of books or any other item or group of items is given over to the Library it may not be returned.  It becomes the unconditional property of the Library.
  4. All gifts are subject to the library acquisition criteria.
  5. The Librarian may not accept any item (property, cash or group of items) for the library that has any condition or conditions attached to it.
  6. No one on the staff of the library (or any family member) may accept a gift or gifts to himself/herself (with the exception of small food items for immediate consumption by the staff in general, or small and inexpensive items that are tokens of a patrons appreciation and that are given to the staff in general).
  7. Endowments may be established for a particular purpose (such as the purchase of new books).
  8. The Administrative Librarian may accept memorial gifts to purchase books in memory of a deceased person.  Memorial gifts should be made in cash or a check to the library.  The librarian will then select the book based upon the amount of the gift and the needs of the library with secondary consideration of the talents or interest of the deceased.  Items other than books can be purchased with memorial money with Board approval.

To donate materials to the library as a memorial or gift, please use this form.

For a list of memorials and gifts currently in circulation, please click here.